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Nov 2 2019

Embedded Systems - Overview - Analysis of definitions

IntroductionWith the rapid development of modern technology, embedded systems have penetrated into various fields of society, and embedded system products have been applied to every corner of people's daily life. Therefore, embedded system technology has become one of the hot research topics.&nb...

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Oct 25 2019

Types and Functions of Integrated Circuits

CatalogI Types of Integrated Circuits1.1 Classified by Function1.2 Classified by Fabrication Process1.3 Classified by the Degree of Integration1.4 Classified by ConductivityII Different Function Analog Integrated Circuits2.1 Integrated Operational Amplifier 2.2 Voltage Regulator Integrated...

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Oct 14 2019

Four Kinds of Common Circuits of 555 Time-base Circuits

IntroductionThe 555 time-base circuit is a bipolar time base integrated circuit with a working power supply of 4.5v~18v. The output voltage is compatible with TTL, CMOS and HLT logic circuits and the output current is 200mA. It is easy to use and low in cost, and can directly push low-impe...

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Oct 8 2019

Realize Many Kinds of Wavelet Transform Based on FPGA

CatalogIOverviewIILS Wavelet Transform TheoryIIIRealization of FPGA and Lifting CoreFPGA and Refactoring FeaturesThe Realization of Lifting Wavelet Transform KernelIVLogical Synthesis ResultVConclusionOverviewWavelet transform based on lifting scheme can realize many kinds of wavelet transform ...

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Sep 30 2019

Analysis of Common Design Errors of High Frequency Magnetic Elements in Switching Power Supply

CatalogIOverviewIIDiscrimination of Some Wrong ConceptsFilling Core Windows - Optimized Design"Iron loss = copper loss" -- Optimized Transformer DesignLeakage Inductance = 1% Magnetization InductanceLeakage Inductance is Related to Core PermeabilityThe optimal current density of transforme...

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Sep 24 2019

Integrated Circuit and Motherboard: Is the Motherboard an Integrated Circuit ?

CatalogIWhat is an Integrated CircuitIIAdvantages of Integrated CircuitsIIIDisadvantages of Integrated CircuitIVThe Role of Integrated CircuitsVWhat is a MotherboardVIPrinciple of Computer MotherboardVIIThe Relationship of IC and MotherboardWhat is an Integrated CircuitAn integrated circui...

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Sep 17 2019

Introduction of Top 10 Analog Semiconductor IC Suppliers in 2018

IC Insights’ 2019 McClean ReportThe April Update to IC Insights’ 2019 McClean Report ranks the top 50 semiconductor suppliers, and the figure 1 shows IC Insights’ ranking of the largest 10 analog suppliers in 2018.With analog sales of $10.8 billion and an 18 percent market share, TI(Texas instr...

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Sep 12 2019

What's so great about Arduino?An introduction to Arduino

CatalogIThe origin of the ArduinoIIArduino Features and AdvantagesOpennessUsabilityRich Third-party ResourcesCross-platformIIIThe Limitation of the ArduinoIVComparison of Arduino UNO and Rasberry PiVThe EndOverviewArduino? Is Arduino just a development board? No, that is not accurate. Arduino i...

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Sep 4 2019

MCU Guide: The Basic Knowledge Of MCU

CatalogIWhat Can MCU Do?IIMCU StructureIIIMCS51 And 8051 RelationshipIV8051 Microcontroller Pins IntroductionVMicroprocessor(MP) And Microcontroller(MCU) VIHow The MCU Works?VIIThe END1. What Can MCU Do?At present, microcontroller permeates into every field of our life. It is almost d...

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Aug 29 2019

FPGA And W3150A+ Have Been Choosen To Design The Ethernet Interface

CatalogIOverviewIIOverall Design Of Ethernet Interface1. Choice Of Ethernet Interface Design Schema2. Introduction Of Ethernet Control Chip W3150A+IIIHardware Design Of Ethernet Interface1. Interface Design Of W3150A+ And FPGA2. Interface Design Of The Physical Layer Chip And W3150A+IVThe Reali...

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